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TR19 Kitchen & Canopy Cleaning Specialists

The invisible enemy

How often do we hear about fires in restaurants in the news? 

How often are we told what causes them? 

The main cause is always the same GREASE!

Grease accumulates in the kitchen's extraction system, and is often the element which triggers a fire.
In addition tothe  fire hazard, grease is also the cause of other potentially dangerous risks, as it generates contamination and the proliferation of disease, mould, fungus and bacteria.


Mavi offer a simple and effective solution...

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The invisable enemy
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Mavi utilises the latest hi-tec equipment to effectively clean your kitchen, making it compliant with TR19 standards. We can reach the most inaccessible places, like terraces, roofs and elevated areas.

360° cleaning for
kitchen extraction

How it works

Foam Injection

Our system sprays active foam into the greasy surfaces, achieving adherence even on vertical surfaces, for the chemical product to remain in permanent contact with the grease.

Molecular Dissolve

This is the active part of the chemical solution. The effect is to dissolve the grease molecules (the dense foam dilutes and draws off the grease). The whole process takes just 15 minutes and can be observed by seeing how the white foam is stained orange by the grease.

Rinsing With Water

Once the active foam effect has finished we only have to rinse with the injection of water at high pressure, a process that will remove all of the mixture of foam with the dissolved grease. The result is surfaces that are perfectly clean and free of grease.


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How it works
360° cleaning

Contact us

Mavi Works Limited, Spitewinter Farm, Spitewinter Lane, Barlow, Sheffield, S18 7SE

07540 654137

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